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Creatime: 2014-1-22
Cutter types and usesMills generally divided into:1. Flat head cutter, rough milling, to remove a lot of rough, a small area of ​​fine horizontal plane or contour milling.2. Ball-end cutter, the surface semi-fine milling and fine milling; knife for precision milling steep face / straight wall of a small chamfer.3. Flat head cutter with a chamfer, can do a lot of rough milling to remove rough, flat surface can be precision milling fine (as opposed to the steep side) of a small chamfer.4. Molding cutter, including chamfering knives, T-shaped cutter or a knife called the drum, gear-type knife, the R knife.5. Chamfer knife, fillet knife and fillet shape of the same shape, divided into a round milling cutter chamfering chamfering and oblique.6.T-type knife, can be milling T-slots;7. Toothed knives, milling a variety of gear types, such as gears.8. Rough skin knife, aluminum-copper alloy for the design of the rough mill cutting, fast processing.A: milling by use of a variety of common types of distinction: cylindrical cutter: for horizontal milling machining plane. Distributed in the milling cutter circle, press the tooth is divided into two kinds of spur and helical teeth. Divided by the number of teeth of two coarse teeth and fine teeth. Cutter helical gear teeth less coarse, knife-toothed, high strength, chip space, suitable for rough; a fine-tooth milling cutter for finishing. face milling cutter: Used vertical milling machine, end milling machine or milling machine on the processing plane, the circumference of face and teeth are knives, there are coarse and fine teeth tooth points. The structure of the overall style, inlaid teeth and indexable type 3. cutter: grooves and step surface for processing, etc., in the circular cutter and the side surface, the work can not be along the axial feed. When the cutter on the end through the center when the teeth can be axial feed. and face milling cutters: for processing a variety of grooves and step surface, its surface and the circumference of both sides of knife teeth. Angle cutters: milling at an angle to the groove, a single angle and double angle cutters two. saws: cut off the workpiece for machining deep grooves and whose circumference there are more knife teeth. In order to reduce friction when milling, cutter on both sides of 15 '~ 1 Vice declination. In addition, keyway cutters, dovetail cutters, T slot cutters and a variety of form cutter and so on.II: cutter is structured into four types.1, the overall style: cutter body and cutter into one.2, the overall welding gear: cutter tool with carbide or other wear-resistant material, and brazing the cutter body.3, set teeth: a mechanical clamping cutter means secured to the knife body. This can be for the whole cutter head tool material, tool material can also be the head welding. Head mounted on the cutter blade grinding body grinding style called the body; head in the fixture as a separate grinding of the grinding type in vitro.4, movable type (see the turning tool): This structure has been widely used for face milling, end mills and face milling cutters and so on.
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